The United States Air Force Pararescue

Does engaging in rescue missions to recover injured and downed aircrew members in enemy territories sound like an exciting opportunity to serve your country? How about providing contingency rescues and landing sites for NASA missions? As a member of the US Air Force Pararescue Command Operative, excitement is part of the job description.

The academic portion of training entails aircrew coordination, emergency procedures, scanning and aerial search techniques. Next come helicopter/parachute operations and training to survive in any environment with a positive mental attitude. Perhaps the best part of training is the advanced medical development to the level of National Registry EMT-paramedic, technical rescue training, field operations, tactics, air operations and advanced parachuting with tree jumps and scuba jumps to infiltrate any area by static-line airdrop.

With indoctrination, apprenticeship and assignment to a Rescue or Special Tactics team, you are awarded your own Maroon Beret, symbolizing PJs or Pararescue jumpers who shed their blood and those who are willing to do so in order to save lives.